Operative: Elina profile

Operative record: Entered the service of Dark Star [redacted ————————————————————————————]. This was prior to her Date of Death (DOD) [redacted——————————————————————————————————————————————–. She was given the dark gift after her exemplary service during the [redacted ————————————————————] operation. Trained as an Empath mystic and adept at combat, infiltration, mental manipulation, and information gathering. To see her full report […]

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Landsråd Intelligence Report

Kyrit Ynitoaka Profile Analysis Kyrit is a tough but fair commander in the form Order of the Red Cloak, more colloquially known as the Red Cloak Raider. He is indifferent to those he deems weak/incompetent or who cannot aide in his lord’s quest for legitimacy. He styles himself a warrior poet. He is quick to anger […]

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September, 2nd Open Forum

09/02/2018 Open Forum Transcript   On September 2nd, the Rogues held forum on our Discord open to the public. During that forum we discussed the Fall and Winter months and what to expect as well as going over the Patreon. To start, we wanted to thank all our Patreons for their continuing generosity. When we […]

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