[Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Last night, we finished recording our very first episode! Before we delve into details, let it be said that this adventure is going to be awesome. There are so many new and unique mechanisms to the Starfinder system – and we even have the internet at our disposal. We’re going to try and explain the big changes as we go, but feel free to ask us any questions you have on our Contact page.

The adventure begins on Absalom Station, which is the central hub of trade and government in the Pact Worlds. All kinds of races, classes and characters inhabit this planet; it’s giving us a sort of Citadel vibe. Our player characters were set to meet Duravor Kreel, a Starfinder Society contact, in Absalom Station. This society is akin to an adventurers’ guild and sends its agents on missions to explore new worlds. As prospective members, our party was eager to learn more. Upon arriving, however, things definitely did not go according to plan.

Today, we give you the product of our hard work. The journey to this first episode has been fought with danger and excitement the likes of which only our characters or other podcasters can relate.  We hope you enjoy the journey with us. Thank you for listening!

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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