[Dead Suns I Spoilers Ahead]

The last couple days have been a little hectic, to say the least. All thanks to our friend Harvey – Hurricane Harvey, that is. After strict scheduling and preparing for the release of this week’s episode, mother nature knocked our internet out and left us high and dry…

Yes, I know. Irony. Moving on.

In this episode, we continued our adventure and set out on orders from Chiskisk, a member of the Starfinder Society’s leadership council, known as the Forum. The party began an investigation into The Level 21 Crew, The Downside Kings, and the now-suspicious death of Duravor Kreel in the hopes of proving themselves as worthy Starfinder candidates. Check out Episode 2 to learn more.

We’re incredibly sorry for the delay; we should be back to our regular Saturday-at-noon schedule next week. You know, as long as there aren’t any more hurricanes. Thanks for listening!



Image Credit: NASA (Space Station Flyover of Super Typhoon Noru)

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