Join Rogue Exposure: A Starfinder Podcast at Tribe Comics & Games on November 4th for an afternoon of fun and adventure!

You’ll be introduced to Starfinder with a unique pre-made adventure and characters, all created by the Rogues. Starfinder is the newest addition to Paizo’s line of role-playing games and takes heroes to the stars and beyond. Experience epic space drama and sci-fi shenanigans.

Link to the Online Signup

Location: Tribe Comic & Games
3005 S Lamar Blvd, Ste D113
Austin, TX 78704

The first session will be at 12:00 p.m. and the second at 5:00 p.m. We will have all the required equipment, but feel free to bring your own dice, pawns, etc. You may also create your own 1st-level character if you don’t want to use our pre-made ones – but please follow the standard Starfinder character creation rules.

Here’s a great guide to character creation:

Paizo’s Character Sheet:

Our Pre-made Characters

The special forces unit of the  PWN (Pact World Navy) ship Ascension is ready to answer the call to adventure and to maintain the peace of the JPWDI (Joint Pact-World Defense Initiative).

Jitterbug Mystic Shirren

Jitter was born on Triaxus and learned about the power of stars when in school and was taught about the dynamic changes the planet undertakes. Finding the god of evolution and adaptation and a desire for travel Jitter joined the JPWDI to make sure the Pack Worlds could adapt to a changing universe. Relying on spells, a piece of an asteroid and a love of grenades. Given the connection to the cosmos, Jitter has piloting is a favorite pass time.

Little Bit Operative Ysoki

Little Bit is an inquisitive and mischievous spy in the JPWDI. Known for remaining in the shadows and only coming out when needed.  Little Bit joined the JPWDI to explore the system & uphold freedom. 

Heavy Fist Soldier Vesk

Evdo Heavy Fist is originally from the Veskarium he is quick to anger and solves problems with violence. Respecting only physical strength and ignores physically weak he found his place in society out in the ruff and tumble borders of the vast and Pack World space. Joining the JPWDI special forces he now finds himself on board the PWN Ascension.

Switch Technomancer Lashunta

Born on Castrovel to a well to do family that Switch never truly fit into. Quirky & a bit awkward but has a big heart. Loves to meet new people and see new things. Believes first impressions mean everything.  This lead Switch to leave home and found their own way in the universe. Joining the JPWDI to see the cosmos Switches aptitude for magic and the life sciences lead to be assigned to the PWN Ascension as part of their special forces units.

Abe Ranged Soldier Kasathas

Abe is a quite grizzled veteran of the both the JPWDI and the underworld. Having started life on Idari and had joined several of the gangs. There he quickly gained a reputation as a marksman and no-nonsense enforcer. Eventually crossed loyalties lead to Abe fearing for his life. He fled and joined JPWN, now calling the heavy cruiser PWN Ascension home. The JPWDI calls on Abe for dangerous mission involving the Pack World’s dark underbelly.

Star Spear Solarion Armor Vesk 


Star Spear Solarion Weapon Vesk 

Born on Aerces to a Vesk family steeped in military service. Star Spear was always going to join. A student of history he learned that the alliance with the Pact worlds is a necessary good for his civilization. Star Spear joined the JPWDI to help bridge the two-armed forces.  Well known for his diplomatic attitudes and ferocity in battle Star Spear wields the power of the stars for the protection of a united Pact alliance and its people.

Ment Android Mechanic Drone & Sparks Stealth Drone


Ment Android Mechanic Exo

Ment was constructed on Absalom station as part of the JPWDI CAIA (Combat Artificial Intelligence Assistance) Program. Ment while having almost complete autonomy is partially restricted from actions that would mean disobeying orders from the Captain of the PWN Ascension. This is something that is expressly against Pact World law. Ment’s primary duties are the success of the mission and to serve as mechanic & engineer for the unit. Ment also is able to assess the tactical situation and offer a statistical chance or percentage of successes, however, Ment’s calculations often result in low survival probability with a pithy comment from the android. As a swift action, you can make this assessment with a Computer check DC 15.

Irulan Human Envoy

From the gas giant Liavara and its moons Irulan is a master of disguise and infiltration. Using her knowledge, the various species within and without the Pact Worlds she gained a reputation for knowing just what to say to cowers or trick enemies of the JPWDI to give her the upper hand. Her duplicitous and ruthless nature in combat is contrasted by her happy go lucky attitude during her downtime. Psych evaluations note this as a coping mechanism.

Character Sheet template PDF created by Gilfalas

For further details, contact us here or email us at

Image Credit: NASA NASA’s 2017 astronaut candidates take a group photo at Ellington Field near Johnson Space Center.

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