On November 4, the Rogues descended on Tribe Comic & Games in Austin, Texas.  Heroes of the Joint Pact World Defense Initiative came to play some Starfinder and see what the system has to offer. A big thank you to Lee at Tribe who took a chance on us and everyone who came out and let us GM them. On a personal note thank you to the team Aaron, Amanda and Justin for all of the hard work and having faith that this would go well.

Our day started early with some critical liquid propulsion… Coffee.


Also some French Toast!!!

We talked with some really great peeps and got to show off all our hard work. Aka the PC killing machine or as others called it the adventure.


We had a lot of diverse style of players, great parties that took on the challenge of the adventure “A Light of Their Own”  and people even came with their own characters.

Amanda hopped on the Twitters as well.

There were giveaways too!!!IMG_20171104_120352_481

Then after extensive preparations the moment of truth. The games began and people had to put up with my role-playing skills of a Shirren. There was so much laughter from every table, which are those moments GMs live for.


Thanks to my friend Matt for representing Batman and playing the tank at my table.

It really seems people like having power over the stars. Good to know I am not alone.

Aaron’s table ran into a little trouble in a diner of all places.

During the second session, things turned bad for the party. This was predictable given the GM. Amanda was nervous for them.


For those wondering, I got a TPK. Let this be a lesson to future Starfinders- make sure your party has a diverse skill set.

Last but not least our basement GM got to play a character.


The day was one to remember, again I can’t say enough how much I appreciate everyone who came out. We did all this for y’all and most of all thank you to the Rogues for taking part in this crazy day with me. I love you all.

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