Man, oh man the feeling of once again sitting on the player side of the GM screen. Today I had the immense pleasure of playing in session zero of Red Hand of Doom, one of the most iconic Dungeons and Dragons adventures ever written and Game Mastered by the one, the only, the incredible- Carl Clark.

Red Hand of Doom (RHOD from here on out) starts the players at 5th level and will take our heroes all the way to level 12. Originally written for D&D 3.5, we will be converting RHOD to Pathfinder.

Much of the entries will be through the writing of my character, Mhenlo Thorn Royce and red wolf companion, Cybele. However, I encourage any of the other players of the game who read this to write from their characters perspective!

14 Alturiak, The Claw of Winter

Dreams of fire and flesh; ash and blood took control of my sleep. A shriek of mind numbing terror finally woke me. I feel a pull I cannot explain, Mielikki calls to me and I must answer. All I will ask of my Forest Queen is to guard mother and if she should pass while I am gone to bring peace to her last moments and fill her heart and mind with songs of my love.

“Mistress of the woods, Mielikki, Forest-mother, formed in beauty,
Let thy gold flow out abundant, Let thy silver onward wander,
For the hero that is seeking For the wild-moose of thy kingdom;
Bring me here thy keys of silver, From the golden girdle round thee.”


The Dream

Download and listen, just trust me, it is worth it.


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