14 Calistril 4718

My last journal entry was 22 Arodus 4709. Has it really been that long since I’ve put my thoughts to quill and paper? That was around the same time I stopped talking to Pa, I believe. 
It’s also been a number of years since I’ve traveled with others. I’m sure it has been. 
It is difficult to remember everything that has transpired over the last twenty-five years. One day remains as clear as a mountain lake though; the day I turned twenty-one. That was the day Sovilis Grandor took his revenge on our family. He ripped Pa’s spirit from his body and cast it out of known time. Ever since Pa has haunted me as an apparition. I knew that to save Pa and to end Grandor’s dark reign, I would have to use his time magic against him. I forsook the path of the Paladin and the light of the Dawnflower for the cold comfort of Nethys’ knowledge and power. 
I dreamt of fire and ash the other night; a great and portentous omen. Maybe that’s why Pa has been acting restless since we entered the valley. In the meantime, I have to be sure to not draw attention to myself. These brave souls seem worldly but from what I’ve learned in my time on the road is people never seem to be what they are. Myself included.
Something powerful is calling us to Elsir Vale. I wonder if these other souls had the same experience as I. I wonder what will happen once we reach Drellin’s Ferry. These adventurers have my armor and magic for now, but if this dark journey leads us to Sovilis Grandor then I must follow that path alone.

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