This player entry is written through the eyes of Kaze Susanoo as he scouts far away lands in the hopes of finding power and riches for his native empire. However, he may not be the most motivated scout to ever map Elsir Vale.

Written by: Hache


14 Kythorn, the time of flowers

Travel diary.

It has been quite a few years since my Yī děng hóu, Qi Yaolin Cao Kun, sent me on a travel to the Lands of the West. I have been following the middle road of Elsir Vale for the last few months. Yet these are not the rich lands that I have to discover for her. I must keep searching.

I have been traveling alone for much time of my time here. My common is getting rusty. That is about to change however; two days and two nights ago, I found a group of travelers on the same road. I have since been traveling with them. Many of them humans, and a pointy-ear-one.

Last night we had some trouble. We got attacked by an ugly hobgoblin and an orc. One of them, we brought down with Noran’s mighty spells and Thorn’s powerful slashes. Need not forget about the dwarf, Stoneoath, and his fire-spitting weapons that make too much noise. Thorn does not seem to like that. The fight cost us a high price, though. The pointy-ear one is badly hurt now. I only have a couple potions, yet I do not want to see him meet death. I hope he gets out of this one. The other enemy fled like a coward. Lady Sigrid, an Oracle she tells me, and Paladin Keiji brought eternal peace to the bodies we found on the road. May their souls rest for eternity.

Dreams of fire and death they see, screams of children, bad omen they bring, Unknown enemies march for war, The Heat of the battle soon will start. I do hope to get home safe once this is over.

-Kaze Susanoo

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