This entry is written by Shoad, also known as the Human Paladin Jaybee Keiji, the Tenacious Dead-shot (or Shari, or Keljen, or Keijum, or Kaiju, or one of the thousand or so different ways that Carl pronounced my character’s name). I am a fan of Rogue Exposure and I am thrilled to be able to participate in a game ran by Carl and with Justin as a fellow player (by the way, I had that chance because I joined RE’s discord server, so if you are not in there already, do it right now!). So, without further ado, here goes Jaybee’s perspective of today events.

14 Kythorn, the time of flowers

After a few days of traveling with my new companions, we encountered a rather disturbing scene. Dead corpses and a destroyed wagon blocked the middle of the road. As soon as we approached them, a trap was sprung. By Divine Grace I was able to avoid getting entangled in the trap, unfortunately, two of my companions, Sigrid the Oracle and Noran the Fire Mage, were caught in the vines as two hellish riders attacked from the tall grass.

In a moment of rage that couldn’t even be explained by racial hatred, the orc rider charged Noran and started a relentless attack while the hobgoblin coward hid in the tall grass and shot arrows at those entangled in the vines.

With vines covering the majority of the road, it was difficult, if not impossible, for me to get to my allies and help them without becoming caught myself. I drew my bow and returned fire. The Hobgoblin screamed “Fire the best shots in the world, or I will end your souls!” I looked to my companions and responded with a coy, “Okay, then”.

Thorn and Cybele had finished the hateful orc and saved Noran, who had become a pin cushion for orc arrows. My shots flew true, landing square in the chest of the hobgoblin and the the beast was done.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. After looking for survivors of the original attack on the wagon, we found a foul sight to the North. Blood, charred body parts, impaled heads, by Mitra the monsters had done it all! After examining the site, the clues found made it easy to see that two groups were responsible for the distrubing rituals. The Red Crows, an orc clan devoted Gruumsh, and The Black Knives, a faction of hobgoblins who worship Maglubyiet. What and unlikely alliance!

Right then, the only thing I could remember was the Dream. Fire, screams, death, the hand, the skull and that… shriek. Oh man, that shriek! All the death and destruction that I, and some of my companions, had seen in our sleep was about to begin. But, at least, I have found my counterparts for the fight!

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