Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! This is the player/character journal for Tancred
“Gundog” Stoneoath the Dwarven Gunslinger, played by Kyle Pender, aka Bigdredwun.
After nearly a year’s worth of running session in my own 5th edition setting it was an awesome experience getting to sit down on the player side of the screen to such an iconic adventure with some of the crew from Rogue exposure and the members of their discord server. Having not had any experience with Pathfinder it was a bit of a rocky start for me, but we had a blast with session zero and I very much look forward to Carl’s next session. So without further adieu, I give you the tale of Gundog, hunter of oath breakers.

3 rd of Ches Claws of Sunset
Target: Delofus Winermantle, dead or alive
Reward: 5000 Gold Pieces
Contract Patron: Torgar Grimhammer

Six tendays I tracked this chuffin’ traitor and today I finally caught up with him. I brained the bugger with the handle of me gun at dusk when he was makin’ camp, never saw me comin’. I had a fine meal of his provisions after I tied him up and settled in for the night. When he woke the next mornin’ it was the same as all the others, rage, denial, venom, and then the beggin’.

The beggin’s the part I hate the most, even if they are Oath breakers you’d think they would go out with a littlebit of dignity, but they never do.

In the end I told him, “The old words tell us that we all ‘ave a set number of breaths given to us while we walk this world. Once you run out, you are sent to the gods to be judged for your deeds. I believe that this is accurate, and so with that in mind, I’m gonna give you another hole our two to breathe out of, speed up the process.”

I took his beard and left him dead in the Shaar for the beasties that live there. Now its time to collect my fee.

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