The Rogues Aaron and Carl sit down with Jason Keeley the author of Paizo’s Dead Suns Book Four The Ruined CloudsThey also learn how to read RPG tero cards to become masters of their fate.

Rogue Exposure is excited to invite you to play-test our second adventure path, EZ Money. We will be scheduling two parallel sessions. The signup priority is determined by first sign up and who can make the playtest dates. One session will be run by Carl, and the other by Justin. To best enjoy the game, you’ll need to have a Level 6 character ready on day one and have a good understanding of starship combat. To create your character, use the rules for character creation in the Starfinder Core Rule Book. You’ll have 15,000 credits to spend on items of level 7 or lower.

The groups will need to be 4-5 players and have a diverse set of classes. Unfortunately, Carl’s work schedule is very odd, and his games will be played at somewhat unusual times of the week. The dates and times of Carl’s games will be July 3 at 7 pm CST, July 9 at 7 pm CST, July 28 at 3 pm CST, August 1 at 1 pm CST, August 10 at 3 pm CST, August 20 at 7 pm CST and August 24 at 3 pm CST for roughly 4 hours.

Justin’s games will be held on July 14, 28, August 11, at 11 am CST for roughly 4 hours.

The games will take place entirely online, and the GMs will give out the necessary details.

By signing this form, you are acknowledging that you will attend the playtest at the times and days set, barring emergencies and that you will receive no monetary compensation for your participation and consent to be recorded after the play session is over for both feedback and possible promotional purposes. You will also be asked to comply with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of other players to promote a friendly fun gaming space free of sexist, racist or other prejudicial comments or jokes about rape.

Our goal is for everyone to have fun!

Sign Up

Event Timing: Session I: July 7 – August 31
Event Location: Rogue Exposure Discord Game Room Channel https://discord.gg/rJNg83z
Contact us at @Rogue_Exposure or rogueexposure@gmail.com

Image Credit: NASA SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is at NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Ohio, to undergo testing in the In-Space Propulsion Facility. The chamber will allow SpaceX and NASA to verify Crew Dragon’s ability to withstand the extreme temperatures and vacuum of space.

This week the Rogues learn the mastery of adventure writing, what they are in for in @paizo #DeadSuns The Ruined Clouds and the fate of all civilizations. @herzwesten the author of book 4 joins us.


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