After the Rogues dispence with their breaf run in with the Azlantis they reach the dieing star system of Nejeor. They make contact with a techologicly primitive speacies of sentient beings. Which C.A.R.L. promtly attemts diplomacy with and clame godhood over. How will not haveing a Prime Directve go?

Aj does something drastic.

Image Credit: NASA As the International Space Station flew overhead, NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold captured this photograph of a changing landscape in the heart of Madagascar, observing drainage into the sea in the Betsiboka Estuary due to decimation of rainforests and coastal mangroves.

What do you do when you encounter a new species you can’t communicate with Ray? “Claim you’re a god.” That’s right Ray you have learned.  #StarfinderRPG #StarfinderSaturday #PathfinderRPG #Paizo #DeadSuns

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