09/02/2018 Open Forum Transcript


On September 2nd, the Rogues held forum on our Discord open to the public.

During that forum we discussed the Fall and Winter months and what to expect as well as going over the Patreon.

To start, we wanted to thank all our Patreons for their continuing generosity. When we started the Patreon, we all were in tight financial situations and the fans literally (the actual definition of that word) saved the show. We were not sure how the bills for the show were going to be paid during those months and the support we received was humbling.

To address the elephant in the room. Yes, we are going to finish Dead Suns. However, scheduling conflicts, especially during the months of September, October and November are very tight. Only one day a month is available where all five of the cast members can attend. I, Justin, talked it over with the cast and feel that this epic space drama we have embarked on deserves to have all players in attendance for each session. I just wouldn’t be the same without any one of them there.

What can you expect during the weeks we are unable to play Starfinder, you may ask? Rogue Exposure maintains the highest of priority slots for each of the cast members and we will continue to put out our weekly content. The Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest is a high on our list of games we wish to play for the show and we are working on a Home-brew spinoff from The Witch of Baelor’s Swamp adventure that I think everyone will really enjoy.

This allows for a rotating cast of players as those of us who can get together to play will have a chance to explore the Playtest in unique ways! We also mentioned during the forum that we are open to the idea of testing out other systems on weeks that Dead Suns is not an option. For example, the Dresden Files system was brought up as a possibility.

Lastly, we touched on the topic of the Patreon funds to be 100% transparent. Currently, we are letting the funds build into an emergency nest egg to pay for those unforeseen expenses such as a microphone breaking and similar situations. All our bills are paid in advance for the year and Carl could replace his cheap microphone with a much nicer quality one (still not sure if this was a good or bad thing). We are also allowing the Patreon funds to grow for our next major milestones (like we did for the character art and the new intro song). We will always maintain a 100% transparent patreon, if you have any further questions regarding the spending of those funds, please contact us.

That just about sums everything up that was talked about! Thank you for supporting this little Hobby Cast known as Rogue Exposure!

One thought on “September, 2nd Open Forum

  1. Thank you for the update on the status of Rogue Exposure and how you plan to progress through the Dead Suns campaign. Noting that you are only going to be able to release a monthly podcast for Starfinder and fill the gaps in between with Pathfinder 2nd Edition, I’m going to have to depart from listening to the show at this point. As much as I enjoyed the adventures of the Rogue Exposure crew, I do not think that I can bear to listen to people play an adventure path that by the time you are done will have been over taken by both Against the Aeon Throne and Signal of Screams campaigns and also finished by my own group. Actually they only have 3-4 sessions left before they complete the Dead Suns campaign come to think of it so by the time you start airing new Starfinder episodes, my group’s adventuring and my interest in the Dead Suns scenarios would have come to an end.

    On that note I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavours.


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