Metson ProfileMetsonMetson Young, rank General in the Landsråd security forces. (Landsråd – the governing body of Planet Norven, Alnitak system, member world of the Council Worlds)

Personality analysis – Impetuous, he behaves outwardly with a caviler attitude. However, any operatives dealing with this individual must be aware that he is also capable of detailed planning and effective long term strategy, both on a theater and battlefield level. He has formed a partnership with two Dwarf clans.

His military record during the War of Unification is spotty. Given his appearance at the Battle of the Twins, it can be concluded that the faction of the Landsråd he belongs to is more concerned with opposition to our long term plans than stellar-political conflicts.

It is suspected that he is involved in intelligence gathering and asset management for his allies in the Landsråd.

Metson Profile – Battle Statistics


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