Fasten Your Space-Belts

In the Metharz Sector of space there is no such thing as “Easy Money”. However, if you’re willing to take on danger and intrigue, the payday just might be worth it.

After a mission gone horribly wrong, your crew of Free Captains hope to find a lucrative employer on the cut-throat planet of Norven who is playing host to a number of high profile organizations. The job you take could very well make or break your future among the stars.

Easy Money is a variable, consequence driven adventure path with unique missions for daring crews. Powerful mercenary bands, derelict ghost ships, and space-faring abominations are just a taste of what awaits. This adventure is designed for four to six players who are at levels five or six. Upon completing this adventure, players should receive enough experience to reach their next level.

This Adventure Contains:

  • Nine heart-pounding encounters
  • Full color maps
  • Starship hacking mini-game
  • Living starships
  • New character theme – The Politician
  • New monster graft – Vampires
  • New items, weapons, and Fusions
  • One unforgettable journey

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