About Us


Justin (right) with his brother Austin (left).


Justin Clark
Giant & Dungeon Master
Recent Texas State University graduate and prospective environmental law student. Also, has a great butt. Check out some of his other YouTube content here.




Aaron Jay
27, Single 
Former professional musician turned game developer, programmer, and audio wizard. He’s been playing tabletop RPGs for 15+ years. Also, enjoys long walks on the beach.




Amanda Gordon
Fantasy Nerd & Resident Chef
Senior at Texas State University, pursuing a degree in medicine. Usually studying. Or procrasti-baking instead of studying.




Carl Clark
Lover of Space, Knower of Things
The multiverse’s biggest space, fantasy, and sci-fi nerd. Former NASA Intern and uncle to Justin. Combined, Carl and Aaron have been playing tabletop RPGs for over 30 years.



James Jay
Weeaboo Trash & Single for Unrelated Reasons                                                                      Getting ready to study economics at the University of Houston, this tall drink of water is an anime fan first and foremost. His favorites are on a list somewhere, but after realizing such lists are childish, he simply decided to love all the good ones. Warning: do not mention Death Note.


Once A Rogue Always A Rogue



Sara Smith
Comic Book Nerd & Token Lesbian
Also an alumnus of Texas State University, in Health Education. You can usually find her fangirling over The Flash, Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, or Orphan Black. Sara has since stepped away from the podcast. The Rogues wish her well and will always love her.





Email: rogueexposure@gmail.com
Twitter & Instagram: @Rogue_Exposure


Image Credit: Paizo