Race: AndroidAVA Portrat
Class: Operative
Theme: Outlaw
Player: Amanda

Ava was illegally created in the Akitonian slums before being sold to an infamous thieving crew, led by a man called Tusk. They operated throughout the Pact Worlds plotting, stealing, looting, and killing. Life was not kind to Ava while she was enslaved. Tusk beat her constantly and for little reason – if she voiced her opinions, made mistakes, or if he was particularly angry or drunk.

On a routine job, Ava accidentally led two planetary law enforcement officers to their base of operations. Tusk slaughtered them before they were able to expose the crew and then turned on Ava. He attacked her viciously and left her to die.

She was rescued when a nameless human man entered their headquarters and killed all of the crew members, granting Ava her freedom. He dropped her at a medical facility and mysteriously disappeared. She recovered, took any supplies that she could from the crew base, and found a ship that would take her to Absalom Station.

Ava’s Character Sheet

Akeet Jah’hakik (AJ)

AJ PortratRace: Shirren
Class: Technomancer
Theme: Outlaw
Player: Aaron

AJ was born into a wealthy family on the full-bright side of the planet Verces. Belonging to the Shirren race, he was born with an innate sense of community and social betterment. While living his comfortable lifestyle afforded to him through his father’s successes in business, he discovered that his families business was purposely taking advantage of the less fortunate on the planet. This led him to investigate the misfortune of those who didn’t have the lifestyle he had lived. Through his adventures in the slums, he met a young Shirrenion female.

Avalou Toricy

Race: Elf
Class: Envoy
Theme: Icon
Player: James

Originally from the planet Castrovel. Avalou came from the more cosmopolitan Lashunat city Luabu Mesa, Komena in the Floating Shards rather than the typical and isolationist Elven continent of Sovereign. He attended Qabart University’s School of Arts. He was drawn to painting by a lust for creativity and a means to overcome a troubled childhood. During his youth, he was a disruptive young elf. He found his love of painting before any of his transgressions got him in more permanent trouble.

Charismatic and always the center of attention he found himself needing to make a splash in the Castrovelion art scene. This desire has led him on a journey of both artist self-discovery.


Computer Assisted Referential Logistics (C.A.R.L.)

Race: Android
Class: Solarion
Theme: Priest
Player: Carl

C.A.R.L. Portrat

k to better understand the final meaningless state of existence.


Created on the Forge by the A.I. governing software of the robotic society, C.A.R.L. started its existence as a small labor bot without sentence. Over time, as its duties were expanded beyond its original cognitive capabilities, it downloaded new subroutines and upgraded its software’s vessel system over the decades before sentence. Eventually, the was assigned to and ambassadors staff off-world at the NEXUS. To facilitate its new duties as an AI ambassadors agents to the pact worlds Council, it had new systems installed in its cortex and an android body fashioned. During its time on the NEXUS, it found some histories it had not been aware of including the knowledge of the gap. Treated as somewhat of a pariah on the station due to its lack of AI sentence and since it was simply a “glorified planetary net schedule keepe


r with a face and legs” C.A.R.L. became a recluse when not on duty.

Over the course of its ten years on the NEXUS, it acquired the abilities to manipulation energy and gravity at the most fundamental levels this was said to better understand the “balance” inherent in maintaining the Pact Alliance and therefore to better execute its duties to the ambassador. To which it was woefully ill designed given its previous work. C.A.R.L.was skilled in the use of computers & the sciences but even with the interpersonal systems upgrade installed before it took on its duties, its ability to interact was inadequate at best.

One day as part of its archiving duties for the ambassador its stumbled on a data package titled [Sentience Program Install CMD


] so C.A.R.L. promptly and mistakenly became self-aware shortly after installing the not well-encrypted Trojan horse left by AI activists who believed all synthetic “life” should have sentience.

Upon acquiring self-awareness, C.A.R.L.promptly came to


a new understanding of the futility of everything given his previous treatment and the knowledge that all time and knowledge can be rendered nonexistent and yet the universe co


ntinues it’s relatively fast-paced, 14 trillion year path toward heat death. He also instantly became an atheist on acquiring sentience. Since he now concluded the gods were nothing more than beings from beyond the parochial 5 dimensions he was currently aware of.

Therefore to better understand the meaning of the nothingness that awaits everything on every plane of existence. He promptly shot himself out an airloc


If you want to see his character sheet, look no further: C.A.R.L. Lvl3 Character Sheet 

M.I.A. Izora (Izzy)

Race: Lashunta
Class: Mechanic
Theme: Scholar
Player: Sara

Izora was born on the planet of Castrovel to a father who served as a mechanic for the military and a mother who worked as a diplomat in the Castroveleon ambassador corps. After coming of age, she followed her curiosity for knowledge and traveled across the galaxy with hopes to learn all that she could. She is now a jack of all trades – skilled in engineering, melee and ranged combat, mechanics, computer systems, and the physical sciences.Izzy Portrat

When she returned to her home planet of Castrovel, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and join the military to protect the city-states from the many apex predators that threatened their people. She specialized in creating many forms of AI and Custom Rigs for the military personnel. Other than creating technology for the military, she continued studying computers and engineering.

Image Credit: Paizo