We’ve talked a lot about world building, character creation, and homebrew adventures. Here, you can enjoy some of the stuff that we’ve created. Feel free to use these resources for your own campaigns!

Many thanks and have fun.


Here are all the adventures we’ve written up. More coming in the future.

Cover Draft (1)A Light of Our Own


When an insurgency breaks out in the mining colony of L-c49b, the United Planetary Defense Ship Ascension and the player characters are brought in, to end the threat. The United Planetary Confederation need the valuable silicon-carbonate found on L-c49b to maintain production within the Metharz Sector. Events set in motion on this small desert backwater world could have dire consequences for the thousands of Lashuntans unwittingly held hosting by the separatist organization Israfil’s Light.



Just a few folks we rolled up to help get you started.

Jitter Bug (Mystic, Shirren)

Little Bit (Yoski, Operative)

Heavy Fist (Vesk, Soldier)

Switch (Lashunta, Technomancer)

Abe (Kasathas, Soldier Ranged)

Star Spear (Vesk, Solarian Armor) or Star Spear (Vesk, Solarion Weapon)

Ment (Android, Mechanic Drone) & Sparks Stealth Drone

or Ment (Android, Mechanic Exo)

Irulan (Human, Envoy)

Paizo Character sheet template PDF & Editable Character Sheet by Gilfalas


Never leave home without your starship. 

Lady Jessica – Tier 1 Ship

Light Freighter Size Small
Speed: 6; Maneuverability Good (Turn 1)
AC(13 +Pilot modifiers) TL(14 +Pilot modifiers)
HP(40) DT:0 CT:8
Shields: (Forw 3)(Aft 3)(Port 2)(Star 2)
Attack: (forward Light Laser Cannon 1d4, Micro Missile Battery 2d6 Limited Fire 5 )(port Flak Thrower)(starboard Flak Thrower)
Power Core: Micron Heavy
Hyperspace Engine: None
Systems: T 6 Thrusters, Mk 3 Armor, Mk 3 defenses, Mk 1 trinode comp, Sensors Budget Short, Expansion Bays: Escape Pods, Medical Bay, Science Lab
Modifiers: Piloting +2 Crew: Other: None

Ratha – Tier 1/2

Interceptor Size Tiny
Speed: 10; Maneuverability Good (Turn 0)
HP(35) DT:0; CT:7
Shields:(Forw 3)(Aft3)(Port2)(Star2)
Attack(forward Light Particle beam 3d8 & Light Plasma Torpedo 3d8 )(aft Light Laser Cannon 1d4)
Power Core: Micron light
Hyperspace Engine: None
Systems: sensors budget short, basic comp Expansion Bays: n/a
Modifiers: Piloting +1
Crew: Pilot (+10 to pilot checks [+1 rank in piloting]); Gunner (+ 3 to gunnery checks)

Starship Combat

“I have you now.”

Starship Role Card

Whatever you do on a starship write in out on this card and keep it with you and don’t listen to the odds.


Here a few things to make play simpler – like starship position cards and spell cards (3″ x 5″).

Spell Cards Template

Fill this card in with your spells information and make being a spell caster as easy as falling into a Black Hole or getting published in an archaeological journal.

All of our adventures and side material are our own and don’t represent Paizo.

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